Meet Debra Schreiber, Guest Writer / Pittsburgh

Debra’s Posts

I attend Duquesne University where I am a senior journalism and Spanish double major. I am a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, where I was Chapter Editor this year, and a Senior Writing Intern for College Lifestyles. I hope to work for a newspaper as a reporter or a magazine as a writer after graduation.

Dance has always been a very important part of my life. I’ve danced since I was two years old, up until my senior year in high school. That year I was rear-ended right before my last recital and could not perform. I was not technically injured, but the doctors wanted to be cautious, and the experience rocked me to my core.

Thankfully, around my sophomore year at Duquesne I learned about a new dance group starting on campus, Exhalations Dance Theatre, and went on to perform with them that spring. Since then I have been involved with dance through Greek Life, with Carnival and Greek Sing.

Dance, along with writing, is my passion.

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