Meg Paul, Program Director, Complexions Detroit Summer Intensive

dp: Detroit is one lucky city! This is Complexions’ first summer intensive outside of NYC. How did that happen?

dp: And it looks like the program is a big success! Lots of students!

dp: So it sounds like it bodes well for a repeat next year?

dp: Dancers today need to train and become proficient in a wide variety of styles. How do you feel this generation of students is managing to balance all of these demands while still building basic technique?

dp: And how do you and the other teachers feel overall about the level of training of students coming in to the program?

dp: Is there one big change you can single out, in a perfect world, that we can make as dance educators today to improve the overall dance scene?

dp: Overall influence of the television dance scene on theatre/concert dance: positive or negative? I happened to see an interview with Dwight Rhoden after an episode of SYTYCD and the interviewer was not aware of the existence of the Company. How do we leverage the popularity of dance on TV into more overall support?


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