My name is Precious Adams. I am 14 years old and I am from Canton, Michigan…… you have probably never hard of it but that is ok! Every summer since I was  10 years old I go to a summer intensive(s). This summer I am in Monte Carlo, Monaco (along the edge of France, a skip and hop from Italy). It is the 2nd smallest country in the world…… so i guess you could think that it is hard to get lost in such a small place but not really because it is always filled with tourist. Also Monaco is one of the richest country’s in the world along with a Prince as the ruler…… (Prince Albert II) The climate is very  nice and very hot in the summer. It is very hilly like Calafornia (but it has palm trees and lots of expensive designer shops like Miami). A very nice place to spend some  summer weeks.

I came to Monaco because of the ballet school called Le Princess Grace Academy De Claissical Dance, founded by Merika Besobrasova. It has a style based on Russian /Vagancova but it has it’s  own french twist. It is housed in an old building called Casa Mia. when i started classes it was very different but I cought on fast. One thing that is different for sure is there is no uniforms, for the summer classes or for the year round students. I can wear any color i want but black…. the teachers do not really like black leotards at all because the Artisic Director ( Merika Besobrasova) she can’t see as well as she used to so she likes everyone to were bright colors. In classes it is very strict in anatomy and how you are saposed to feel your bones and musels and the correct ways to place them. One other thing that is really different is every day after classes the teachers like use to go over correction and anatomy in a note book.

In this school i have meet alot of new people and i think i am really learning alot about anatomy, I also have meet alot of people  from all over the world like Japan, Italy, France, Poland, America*, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Australia and probably some more that I have not meet yet. Over All my expirience is really great, it is just really hard to find activities to do after dance class the don’t cost alot of money… 😀 even the movies costs over 15 euro in Monaco (like 25 or 30american dollars).