Hello! New to Dancepanorama

Hello! My name is Jennifer and I have been performing with the Louisville Ballet for the past two years. It has really been a great experience and even though growing up, I dreamed of the day I’d be in a company, I still find it hard to believe. This past year has been especially hard for myself and dancers in my company with the economy being what it is. It’s hard to imagine people not wanting to go to the ballet. My fellow dancer with the company and friend, Alexis, reminded me that fans of ballet normally go in waves though…I guess it just so happens that while maybe people are not all that interested in this artform right now, others who are interested are having to decide where to spend their money for their free time. I know that things will improve over time, for everyone, and not just dancers, but its hard trying to figure out how to stay active and involved in the ballet world when companies are having to let people go simply to stay afloat another year.